How to last longer in bed?

It is always better to last long in bed and this is the wish of all men. But unfortunately not all of them can do it. So how can you last longer during sex? 

Learn to manage your breathing better 

Breathing plays a big role in male sexuality. During the sexual act, the one who knows how to manage his breathing will be able to better manage his ejaculation. This is because better breath management helps to relax the body, calm the brain and delay orgasm. 

During sex play, slow down your breathing and you will be able to hold on much longer. There is also another technique called the sex-body breathing technique. This is a technique that relies mainly on abdominal breathing. However, it requires a lot of exercise and training. 

Using the squeeze technique 

This is one of the best techniques used by the majority of men who last long during sex. The squeeze technique involves delaying ejaculation by applying pressure for about 30 seconds to the area just below the glans. 

Once the pressure is applied, the ejaculatory muscles contract but the ejaculation does not come out. Moreover, the back and forth movement does not stop because the erection is not lost. The squeeze technique is often used by men suffering from premature ejaculation. It is effective and recommended by many sexologists. 

Vary the positions during the act 

To last longer in bed, it is important to vary the positions during the sexual act but also to master the positions that suit you best. Some positions are more exciting and stimulating than others. 

Avoid these positions because the more your penis is stimulated, the faster you will ejaculate. Choose positions that stimulate your sex the least. Varying the positions allows you to take strategic breaks in order to bring down the excitement a bit.