Why do some people cry after an orgasm?

Even though this phenomenon is not common for everyone, some people may cry or laugh after an orgasm. If this happens, it is indeed for a good reason. What causes this state of excitement? 

A phenomenon due to biochemical hormones 

During sexual intercourse, there are several hormones that are brought into play. During orgasm, all these hormones are released in great intensity into the bloodstream. This is what some call a cascade release. This release in great quantity naturally induces a state of important hypersensitivity. 

In particular, oxytocin is a hormone released by the body that causes great sensitivity to situations. If there are some people who shed tears after an orgasm it is certainly not because of disgust or dissatisfaction. 

On the contrary, they are related to the important psychological discharge released by the hormones. If the person in question is subject to strong tension or stress, the latter releases hormones. This is how tears flow after the orgasm. 

A state of post-coital dysphoria 

This is another reason not to be overlooked that induces a state of intense euphoria accompanied by tears after the orgasm. Some terms define this period as a post-orgasm crisis. A crisis that manifests itself in intense crying and laughter. 

This state often lasts a few minutes due to the amount of hormones released. 

However, it is as common as you might think. Studies of many women have proven that they have had the opportunity to experience this moment of intense excitement. It should be mentioned that post-coital dysphoria often occurs when both partners have a high level of intimacy. So, if a man or woman is crying after sex, remember that this is a normal phenomenon. It is a state of intense arousal that exposes a person's feelings for their partner.