The benefits of masturbation for men

Even if sexual relations bring a lot of pleasure and it is recommended to have some, not everyone can have some for various reasons. There is therefore masturbation which, even if it is not recommended, has some benefits. What are these benefits?

It calms pain and helps to fight against stress 

The endorphins that are produced when we take pleasure play the role of an analgesic. Thus, they soothe monthly pains, and even migraines. However, according to Sébastien Garnero, it happens that in the rarest cases, sexual activity reinforces the headache. In fact, there are so-called post-coital or orgasmic headaches that cause pain because of the increase in blood pressure in the brain. 

Moreover, if sex and more precisely masturbation is such a good anti-stress, this is also partly linked to endorphins. Stimulated during masturbation and orgasm, endorphins will play the role of anxiolytics while providing a sense of calm and relaxation.

Masturbation helps you fall asleep and strengthens your immune system 

Thanks to prolactin which is a hormone essentially intended for the production of milk at the time of the childbirth, but however present in weak quantity at the man, and which is released at the time of the enjoyment, the pleasure in solitary will make it possible to remove all the tensions accumulated during the day and to cause a rather soft tiredness. You will be able to spend a soft and peaceful night after a stressful day. 

Moreover, it has been proven that the practice of masturbation would put men safe from viruses. In fact, according to a 2004 study by the German University of Essen, masturbation promotes the production of white blood cells which in turn play a major role in fighting infections and cancers.