Why do we often close our eyes during sex?

It is often said that the eyes are a window to the emotion of our souls without words. However, when we make love, there are times when we instinctively close our eyes. What is the main reason for this? 

The importance of the gaze in sexual relations 

Before dwelling on the place of the gaze in sexual relations. It is worth mentioning that it has a significant place in communication. Sometimes a look is enough to communicate an agreement or a refusal in certain situations. 

In the same way between a couple, it is the means by which the two partners manage to share their passions, love, and even envy.  For this reason, two people in love often tend to look each other straight in the eye. Faced with the different aspects that involve the gaze, it emerges that it is particularly used in the field of romance. 

It becomes very strange to use the look in the field of sexuality. Even though it is important to get excited and reach orgasm in a certain context, it is better to close your eyes. 

Reasons to close your eyes during sex 

Closing your eyes during sex is an act that indicates an important complicity between the two partners. It can even help to increase sexual pleasure. To illustrate this case, it is necessary to refer to the phase where some women or men blindfold their partner to make love to them. Apart from this context, there are other reasons that are not very flirtatious. 

Indeed, if some people close their eyes during the act it is to camouflage their difficulties to make love. In another context, it is an effective way to feel more desire and pleasure at a certain moment. They focus on many other erogenous zones to have a quick and tenfold orgasm. This is one of the reasons why some people's eyes are closed.