How to make love to a round woman?

Making love to a curvy woman may seem tedious because of her extra weight. But like all other women, curvy women also have the right to a fulfilling sexuality. How to make love with a curvy woman?

Listen to her needs

Many men do not know how to deal with curvy women. However, they are very good partners in bed. In order to make love to a curvy woman, you need to listen to her needs because she has more control over her body than anyone else. 

From foreplay to penetration, be connected to your partner and don't hesitate to ask her about her desires. This will allow you to have a very pleasurable sexual intercourse. Moreover you must show a great imagination. Indeed to make a round woman can appear a little complicated. You have to give your all and do your best to make her scream with pleasure. Don't hesitate to grab the lower belly and play with it as if it were a third breast. Full-figured women love this. 

Choose the right positions 

Because of their extra weight, not all sexual positions are comfortable for curvy women. To make love to such women and make them come, it is important to choose the right positions. 

The best positions to make a round woman come are doggy style, andromache, spooning, octopus or butterfly. Note that some of these positions may require more effort than others. Doggy style, for example, is an easy position to perform but it is very pleasant because it allows a deep penetration. It is a position that is perfectly suited to curvy women because their breasts and belly are particularly free and do not prevent penetration. 

The andromache position may seem a bit difficult. Indeed in this position it is the woman who straddles the man. The round woman with her weight risks to crush her man if she doesn't do it well.